Our Story

Welcome to Young, Wild and Mindful.

We were born out of a desire to nurture children's mental and emotional wellbeing through engaging and practical items.

Our mission is to create a range of resources that help children to cultivate a positive life, learn mindful skills to draw upon, and encourage connection within, to others and to the Earth.

Through our products we hope children and families will feel calm, empowered and inspired.

At Young, Wild and Mindful we take pride in continuously educating ourselves on the best ways to support the wellbeing of children. Our products are a reflection of this, being whole-child focused and based on Psychology research.

We believe all children have a unique magic within them and are wiser than we sometimes give them credit for. We hope to empower them to trust their inner voice and instincts, so they can live confidently and navigate challenges with ease. 

Our range of affirmation and journaling items are inspired by the natural world. They are designed to allow children to organically incorporate mindful moments into their everyday world, allowing frequent opportunities to reinforce their identity and build self-belief in a fun, subtle way.

Liz, our founder, has been a Primary School Teacher for 11 years and also holds a bachelors degree in Psychology. She is a mum of two, and with a family history of mental health struggles, has made it her purpose to create tools to improve children’s lives, with the hope they will lead a life of self-love and resilience.


The combination of Psychology, Teaching and Parenting, along with the belief that we learn and grow best when we first feel safe, loved and valued, has been the perfect recipe to bring Young, Wild and Mindful to life!

Our first product, our Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids, were inspired by Liz and her family’s own recent challenge, where using positive affirmations were the pillar of strength that her family needed to help them through.


Liz also knows what it’s like to be a struggling teenager, so our products that are aimed at teens have been thoroughly thought-out and created to support those that may feel a little lost and unsure in their ever-changing world. 

At Young, Wild and Mindful, we are also passionate about our planet. We believe in quality, and will always work hard to create products that last, even if it costs us more. Our card sets are printed locally in Victoria, Australia, and our organic cotton card bags are also sourced locally. We create as much as we can at our brand headquarters, outsourcing when needed but with the aim to keep it as local as possible to limit our footprint. When packaging items we have a zero plastic policy, using cardboard, tissue paper, twine and of course home-compostable mailers.

We envision a world where mindfulness is a key part of every child's journey, where they feel connected and a strong sense of belonging. Uplifted, empowered and able to thrive.