Welcome to Young, Wild and Mindful, where we are dedicated to nurturing children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health.

We aim to uplift and empower kids, teens and young adults through bright, positive affirmation cards and journaling products that encourage them to embrace the present moment and practice self-love.

I'm Liz – a devoted Mum, Primary School Teacher, Psychology graduate and wellness lover. I pour my heart into crafting mindfulness tools to support children in expanding their wellbeing toolkit and developing positive rituals to navigate life’s challenges.

Born by the ocean in Torquay, VIC, our designs are nature-inspired and radiate bright, happy vibes. ♡

Our passions

Mindfulness ~ helping young people to focus on the present moment by acknowledging and accepting what their mind, body and heart is feeling

Positivity ~ encouraging self-belief, a growth mindset and resilience

Connection ~ providing opportunities for young people to feel grounded through their relationship to themself, others and the Earth

Children’s Affirmations

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Our products make the perfect conscious gift, arriving beautifully packaged in eco friendly tissue paper and twine, with the option to add a gift note at checkout. We have purposely designed our journaling products to be suitable for adults, too. After all, supporting our own wellbeing is equally as important as the little people in our lives. 🫶


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